The power of ownership—letting students lead parent and teacher conferences

This blog post originally appeared on the Education Innovating blog run by Education Evolving from 2010 to 2011. It has now been merged into our main blog.

This interesting blog post on School Spring describes a growing trend of student-led conferences.

“For years the process of parent-teacher conferences has been the same,” it writes. “The teacher hurriedly telling a parent about their child’s progress (mostly meaning their grades and participation in class) and not much time, if any, for discussion.”

It mentions an article from Education World that describes a growing trend toward conferences instead led by students, increasing the sense of ownership on the part of students and elevating them to a more equal status with the adults.

If the role of student can be successfully expanded into conferences, could it be elsewhere in the schooling process, as well?

Image: Student leading conference at McGraw Elementary, in Ft. Collins, CO